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Driveway Brereton gate

The Brereton Gate is beautifully detailed with a swan neck like sweep approximately 8” - 12” (200mm – 300mm) from shoulder to centre with wooden pales, measuring 70mm wide x 20mm thick (2 ¾” x ¾ “) spaced evenly along the gate. All of our gates are cladded with V jointed ex 125mm x 19mm tongue and groove boards giving a look of uniformity and smoothness. The frame/styles of the gate are 70mm wide x 70mm thick (2 ¾ “x 2 ¾ “) and the back rails and diagonal braces are 70mm wide x 45mm thick (2 ¾ “x 1 ¾ “) providing the gate with a solid structure to give strength and durability. All of our gates are manufactured using double coated galvanised nails.


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