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Benefits of Wooden Garage Doors

When it is time to consider swapping out your garage door, there are a variety of options that you have available to you. From steel doors, to roller doors and multi-opening doors, there is plenty of choice. But have you considered wooden garage doors?

Benefits of Wooden Garage Doors

As with any of the above options there are a number of benefits to investing in bespoke wooden garage doors. We have pulled together a number of benefits that might help to make your decision to go with wooden garage doors a touch easier.


Here at B&K Timer we believe that wood offers a range of visual benefits, the main one here is the classic appearance it offers. As with timber front doors, the garage door gives a larger visual that offers your home a classic, somewhat country, feel.
A wooden garage door can also offer a sophisticated appearance when the right design is used on the right house.

Bespoke Designs

We all use our garages for different purposes, and thanks to this some of us can benefit from different styles of doors to enter the space. Bespoke wooden garage doors can be designed to suit the needs and the use of the space. You can also design your door to suit your style. From classic panelled doors, to slats, or even windows to see in/out where needed.

Easy to repair

While it might be easier to get your hands on a complete ready to go steel garage door, how easy is it to get it repaired, or even to make the repairs yourself. Whereas when you invest in a bespoke wooden garage door many repairs are easy to make, even if they are few and far between. You can either contact your manufacturer, or a joiner, who will be able to make the repair easily, rather than needing to replace the whole door.


There is a misconception that anything that is bespoke and made from wood, you will have to take out a small mortgage for. Here at B&K Timber, we love to bust the myth. We can offer our bespoke garage door design and build to a budget that suits you.


It may come as a surprise to a number of people that wood is a natural barrier to sound. This means that a good solid wooden door can help with soundproofing your garage, whether you are keeping the noise out or noise in. Meaning that if you use your garage as a workshop, you are less likely to disturb the neighbours.

Bespoke wooden garage doors are a great upgrade to any home, so why not get in touch with a member of our team, and get your design consultation underway! Head over to our blog for more ideas on bespoke joinery from B&K Timber.

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