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Benefits of Wooden Garden Gates

Wooden garden gates are a great addition to any garden, and bespoke wooden gates are even better. But what makes them so great, and we should add bespoke wooden gates to our home?

Benefits of Wooden Garden Gates

As with any style of garden gates, there will always be a number of benefits that differ for every household, or even business. We have gathered together a number of benefits that our team and our customers have found by having bespoke wooden timber gates fitted to your garden (or even the perimeter of your business).

Visual Appearance

While we appreciate that iron gates can be a visually attractive option for your garden, there’s just something even more attractive about wooden gates. Wood offers you a timeless aesthetic that no other gate can give you. Having been the most popular material for both gates and fencing for many, many years, we don’t think they will go out of style any time soon.
While all gates are visually appealing, they are all entirely unique. Two gates may be made exactly the same, but you will never get the same woodgrain twice. And why not bring out that unique grain with either a good wood stain, or a subtle paint that draws on the grain. You can also change the appearance to suit your changing style by swapping the colour of your stain or paint next time your gates need treatment.
Here at B&K timer, each of our gates is designed to specifically suit your needs and style. That includes creating a gate that can blend in with the rest of your fence (even when you don’t want it to look like a gate at all!).


For many of us, our gardens are a place of privacy, the great outdoors, without anyone else in your space. Behind the gates, you have a space that you can call your own, and make completely your own. The great thing about having bespoke wooden gates is that you can have them designed and made to be as private or open as you wish, with slats together or overlapping or separated.
Wooden gates can also be made to fit in any gap, so where you may have previously had a space either side of your gate, or a gap that is too small to fit a standard gate, bespoke gates can be designed and made to fit these odd sizes.


It may be a surprise to learn that wooden garden gates are one of the most secure that you can have fitted to your home. While yes, iron gates may last longer under force, they usually have other ways to force entry (or usually are not solid so make for ease of visual or access).
To increase the level of security, you will want to opt for hardwood over the alternative softwood. You will also need to take into consideration your locking system and how reinforced your gates are. Solid wooden gates will often act as a deterrent to a number of intruders, in particular, opportunistic intruders as they will not know what awaits them behind the gate. A taller gate will also discourage anyone from attempting to jump over.
If you are concerned about security, please speak to a member of our team when we discuss your gates who will be able to advise the changes to a standard design that we recommend.


It is a common misconception that bespoke garden gates cost you the earth. Here at B&K Timber, we can work with you to create a design and gate that not only suits your style and needs but also your budget. Meaning that nothing will cost you more than it needs to, and you can still have the great quality that comes with our bespoke wooden gates.

For more information on bespoke wooden garden gates from B&K Timber, you can contact a member of our team today who will be happy to help you.

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