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Bespoke Playhouses by B&K Timber

Following a number of national lockdowns here in the UK, many of our customers are finding themselves making a number of changes to their home and garden, giving them something to occupy their time at home. If your time has been spent focusing on your garden, you might find that you have more space than you realised, and now thinking what can I use the space for?

Giving Kids a Space

It hasn’t just been adults spending more time at home, children have spent an increased time at home too. So why not give them a space that they can call their own, and maybe even where they won’t be disturbing you if you are working from home!
Introducing a playhouse to your garden can not only change the appearance of your space, but also add another functional room, no matter the weather! A number of toys that you find yourself collecting in your home can be moved to this space, giving your little ones a great place to play.

As Your Children Grow

A common concern with investing in a bespoke playhouse is that your children will outgrow the use of it before it is past its best. To combat this concern, when discussing the design of your bespoke playhouse, consider a more universal design that can still be used by teenagers as a separate garden hideout. Where you have the space, a larger playhouse can become an ideal space away from the main house for a teenager to hideaway.

Manufactured With Care

As with our signature garden gates, our bespoke playhouses are made using the very best materials available. We take care in all our designs to ensure that they are safe for your little ones for as long as they need them. We also have a selection of treatments to give your playhouse the best start.

If you find that your new playhouse stands out in your garden, we can always make garden gates to match, ensuring that your whole garden blends together. A new set of gates can help give you some peace of mind for the security of your garden.
For more information on any of our projects or bespoke joinery for your home and garden please contact a member of our expert team.

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