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Bespoke, Softwood Garden Gates

From privacy to security, whatever your reason for investing in a new set of garden gates, be sure you receive the very best in quality by investing in bespoke garden gates from the team here at B&K Timber.

Bespoke Gates

Run of the mill gates brought from your local DIY store or timber merchant might be a quick and easy fix to keep your garden private and secure, but ask yourself these two important questions:
How well do they fit?
How long will they last?
If you answer “not well and not long”, or “not sure”, to either of these questions, it might be worth reconsidering these options and investing your money in something that will keep you happier long term.
Here at B&K Timber, we specialise in bespoke wooden gates for your garden. This means that we take measurements from the exact place they will be fitted to ensure that you won’t find anything that fits better than our gates.
Not only do we ensure the fit of our gates, but also the quality of the timber that we use. By using the very best, sustainably sourced timber, our gates can last for decades (with good maintenance).

Designed For You

While you may see designs that you like from DIY stores, they aren’t unique to you. That’s where our bespoke design service comes in. Your garden gate leads into a space that is entirely a unique space, one that shows the personality of the family that lives there. So why not let the entrance do the same. Discuss with a member of our team, how your new gates can be the perfect gateway to your slice of Eden.

Top Security

Unfortunately, something that we all consider around our homes is the level of security. Whether this is because you have small children, pets, or you would just like that extra peace of mind, gates from B&K Timber will help you to keep unwanted visitors out of your garden. (Sorry we can’t help you with unwanted flying guests!)


Many people opt for store-bought gates due to the misassumption that bespoke gates are far above their budget. Here at B&K Timber, we offer a range of bespoke gate packages to suit all budgets. Allowing you to invest in the very best gates in Staffordshire to suit your spend.

For more information on our garden gates, you can visit the dedicated page on our website, or you can contact a member of our expert team today, who will be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

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