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What are Best Ways to Maintain My Summerhouse?

No wooden structure is immune to damage, especially as the seasons change or you have some harsh weather conditions.

This also applies to summer houses, which require regular maintenance and timely repairs to keep them looking spectacular.

5 Maintenance Jobs for Summerhouses

BK Timber is specialists in creating bespoke timber summerhouses, which is why we have our heads together to come up with some aftercare tasks to prolong your outdoor structure and get the most out of it.

Here are five maintenance jobs you can complete –

1. Regular Treatment – If the wood is left untreated for long periods of time, it will absorb water during damp weather. Having moisture in wood makes it more susceptible to rot and mould plus when the timber gets wet the size and weight of the pieces will increase.
Even though this is a natural occurrence, it can cause damage to wooden summerhouses but regular treatment will help to prevent this. Using a high-quality timber treatment or wood stain is recommended at least once a year. If you are unsure which will work the best for your specific summerhouse, our team of specialists can advise you.
Some areas can be more vulnerable to the weather and require more treatment. This could be, for example, recoating overhangs, joints and fascia boards to protect them from damage.

2. Filling Wood Contraction – The natural moisture content of wood means it can contract which leads to splits, cracks and erroneous pieces plus holes where knots shrink and fall out.
One way to combat this issue is to use a suitable and flexible filler that closes the cracks and holes. Removing screws in affected parts and hammering pieces back together using another piece of wood is a worthwhile exercise.

3. Roof Maintenance – Roofs of summerhouses can be the most vulnerable to damage with a number of factors affecting them all year round. You can prevent this from becoming a larger issue with regular checks.
Keep an eye out for tears and splits caused by weathering, bird droppings or fallen debris. If you do notice any damage it will need repairing immediately, with a roofing repair specialist possibly installing a new covering that protects the material from moisture and damage.

4. Airing – Pre-fabricated summerhouses are constructed without built-in insulation, making condensation build-ups possible on all glass accents of the structure. This can be caused by rises and drops in temperature in the different seasons.
This issue can be managed by aerating your summerhouse, especially in winter and during autumn and spring, by leaving windows and doors open every now and then to allow the building to breathe.
By preventing condensation from building up restricts the moisture’s ability to penetrate your timber. This will prevent rot and mould from damaging your structure.

5. Painting – Summerhouse doors, similar to your structure’s wooden pieces tend to contract due to ever-changing weather conditions. They will need to be fully coated with paint plus the sides, keeping most of the moisture out. Using paint plus treatment will also lower moisture buildup in the doors of your summerhouse.

Contact Us With Your Questions

If you have any questions about the maintenance of timber summerhouses, please feel free to get in touch with BK Timber now.

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