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Why Should I Choose Timber Windows?

Wood by its nature is an extremely natural barrier to colder weather and when cleverly designed and engineered for doors and windows it performs better than PVC.

This is not the only reason though, as we have put together six reasons why you should choose timber windows for your property

6 Reasons to Choose Timber Windows

1. Eye-catching Material on Any Property – You can choose to tailor your timber frames for windows by selecting either maple, mahogany or oak which create a unique look. Timber window frames can be stained, painted or carved to suit a particular design aesthetic.

2. Environmentally Friendly – Timber windows come with a negative global warming potential which implies that they reduce the amount of Co2 from the atmosphere. On the other hand, PVCu production involves the release of extremely poisonous chemicals. Using timber from sustainable sources will make your window framing choice the most environmentally friendly.

3. Long-Lasting Design – Timber window frames have the potential to last longer than PVCu windows. If maintained properly, wooden windows can resist wear and tear for a lifetime.

4. A Natural Insulator – Timber is a natural insulator which keeps the temperature of your house comfortable. This also lowers carbon emissions which reduces your electricity bill.

5. Less Manufacturing Required – It roughly takes eight times more energy to create PVC window frames than timber ones. According to industry statistics, 43% more waste is generated from PVC windows, with 82% of this going to landfill and a further 15% being incinerated and just 3% waste recycled.

6. Cost-Effective Solutions – High-performance timber windows are not always more expensive than PVCu ones. There is plenty of variety to choose from, with maple considered the cheapest wood for windows, whereas mahogany is the most expensive. Choosing a classic timber window frame will also last far longer than PVCu.

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