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Why Should I Choose Timber Doors?

One of the joys of bespoke timber doors from BK Timber is they can be sculpted to your exact specifications.

BK Timber offer a number of bespoke joinery products such as wooden doors, windows, sheds and even garage doors!

Once you have decided wooden doors are right for you and your property, here are a handful of factors to consider –

Create a Unique First Impression – Your exterior doors will create a memorable first impression for your home or business and can blend with the rest of your building and reflect your own personal style.

Size Matters – Because they can be customised, your wooden doors can be any size you require.

Glazing – Depending on where your doors are positioned on your property, you may require single or double glazing to help combat noise from the outdoors.

Finish and Fixtures – The finishing to any joinery, especially timber doors is very important. Whether it is the type of handles or extras you require there is plenty to consider before installation can take place.

The Benefits of Timber Doors

Here are some benefits of timber instead of any other material for your doors.

  • Increase the value of your property
  • Easy to maintain
  • Long-lasting material
  • Superior quality to other materials
  • Timber is also popular with future buyers
  • Timber doors can look great as external or internal doors in your property
  • Enhanced security due to the durability of the material
  • Increased resistance to harsh weather and fading

Want to Know More? Contact Us Now

If you have any questions about timber doors from BK Timber, please get in touch today and one of our team of specialists will be happy to help.

We have worked on countless bespoke joinery projects for customers right across Staffordshire and Cheshire over the past 35 years.

Don’t take our for it though, read some of our Testimonials.

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