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Creating A Unique Entrance To Your Property

When you approach the house of friends and family, either for the first time or for a return visit after they have had some work done, you start to take in the view from the very start of your journey onto the property. For many homes, this is either your driveway or garden gates.

Unique Entrance

Think about the last time you approached a house you are visiting for the first time, now consider your reaction to the gates as you approached. Bring home those thoughts and take a look at your own gates. Are they the same as next door? Or maybe they are the same as the house over the road? If you are living in a new build, chances are, the whole estate is sporting the same gates.
Bespoke timber gates are a great way to break out of the mould and grab the attention of your guests and neighbours. But don’t worry, they’re bespoke, so they can’t go out and buy matching gates.
One of the wonderful benefits of investing in bespoke gates is that you can add the features that you want, without considering if you can get that style in the right size. So if you want your garden gate to be the same height as your front fence, with the added feature of a window (we know some smaller four-legged friends would love this) we can add that in for you! Or even cut out shapes to suit your other house and garden features.

Upgraded Gates

Investing in new made to measure gates allows you to show your personality and style. And for those who know you, this means that they can spot your house easily upon the approach.
Creating a unique entrance to your home isn’t all about style and visual aesthetics. It also means upgrading your current gates. If, as we mentioned, you live on a new estate, chances are that your gates are not only a standard design, but also of standard quality and security as they will have been added for aesthetics. Upgrade your gates to bespoke gates to ensure that your new driveway is just as secure as the rest of your home. After all, your car is part of your home too.

Don’t Limit Your Ideas

Here at B&K Timber, we may specialise in bespoke timber gates, but don’t limit your ideas thinking that’s all we offer.
Our team of bespoke joiners have a vast array of skills, meaning they can turn their hands to a number of different projects. If you have an idea of a project that will complement your new gates, please get in touch with our team today to discuss your options.

For more information on bespoke timber gates for your garden or driveway, please get in touch with our team today who will be happy to discuss your requirements today. You can also check out our other services for a variety of complimentary bespoke timber wears.

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