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Get Creative with Your New Garden Shed

With the summer sunshine starting to become more frequent, it is time to get creative with your garden; especially your shed!

Even the most straight-forward outhouse can serve as much more than a dumping ground for tools, toys and bikes. A lick of paint or a brand purpose for your shed will give it a new lease of life.

This could be a new home office, a playroom, a relaxation room or a potting shed for the keen gardeners amongst us.

So if you feel like your home does not require any more improvements its time to look at your back yard and spark your imagination with a bespoke garden shed.

In our latest blog, BK Timber will share three innovative ideas for garden sheds to get you started.

3 Creative Garden Shed Ideas

Create a Chic Sanctuary

We have all heard of the man cave, but how about the she-cave?

Create a bespoke space away from kids, dogs and television with some luxury furniture ensuring excellent feng shui.

Garden Sheds on Stilts

Raising a garden shed on stilts will elevate its status in your garden, with a touch of bright colour to ensure it will not be lost in the undergrowth. Including simple additions like blinds for windows will make it look more a garden room instead of dumping ground.

A Slender Mini-Shed

If you are limited with your garden space, you could consider a mini-shed and include floor-to-ceiling shelving for your tools, pots and whatever else you would like to keep in your shed.

Get In Touch for More Information

If you have any questions about creating a bespoke wooden shed for your garden, please contact us today. BK Timber are the leading provider of bespoke timber products plus garden gates and fences to suit any style of property.

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