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Many Different Designs of Garden Gates

The purpose of a gate is to protect your garden, and everything growing in it – but with a bespoke design, your garden gates will become much more than a simple divide.

Similar to your front door, your backyard gate should be a warm welcome for guests and set the tone for your outdoor living space.

If you have never thought about the design of your garden gate, don’t worry our experts from BK Timber are going to share some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing!

Six Ways to Adapt Your Garden Entrance

Garden Gate with Ivy Archway – This would require some creativity on your part, as you will need to frame your ivy around your gate. The end result will look like the entrance to a magical secret garden straight out of a fairytale.

Cover Your Gate with Clematis – Create an elegant and romantic vibe with clematis climbing across your garden gate. Westport is the best type of garden gate to achieve this look, coupled with a bespoke wooden archway that we can design for you.

Hyacinth Vines for Gates – Covering your garden gate with beautiful hyacinth bean vines adds a splash of colour to your garden gate, which can also be utilised as an entrance to a pergola.

Flower Covered Arch – A classic and enticing design, using an unpainted wooden frame, with stunning violet clematis vines for a flowering arch, which provides a warm welcome to visitors to your backyard.

Antique-Looking Gate – Inspire a rustic look for your garden with a Haslington gate, painted in a soothing colour, such as blue. You could even add cut out hearts to the designs to make them even more inviting.

Sophisticated Country-Style Gates – Painting an Acresnook gate in a vibrant red, coupled with a white timber archway will give your garden an air of sophistication and barnyard style.

Contact BK Timber for Bespoke Garden Gates

If you are looking to revamp the look of your outdoor living space with bespoke garden gates, get in touch with BK Timber.

We have a wide range to choose from plus the option to have a custom-design added to one of our established style of gates.

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