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Frequently Asked Questions about Wooden Driveway Gates

As the leading supplier of timber driveway gates for customers across Staffordshire and Cheshire, BK Timber has over three decades of experience to share.

We often get quizzed about different facets of our driveway gate range, which is the reason we have put all of the answers right here.

Your Driveway Gates Questions Answered

Below are answers to a selection of frequently asked questions about driveway gates –

What is the Best Design Choice for Driveway Gates?

BK Timber offers an exclusive gate builder service on our website, which allows you to design gates specific to your needs. Some people will choose something that is a contrast to their current style and make their gates really become a focal point of their home.

However, if you have a Victorian-style home you can choose a Victorian design to match this aesthetic.

Newer homes can be more versatile and it will look spectacular with a wooden panelled gate. Remember, driveway gates are the first thing anyone sees when they visit your home or business so creating a unique look and feel is important to consider.

What is a Pedestrian Driveway Gate?

Pedestrian driveway gates are the same style as a standard driveway gate giving you access to you and others on foot.

If you walk to your local amenities frequently, having a pedestrian gate makes it more convenient with the requirement for an automated system or manually opening or closing.

Pedestrian gates can also be automated for quick and easy access if you are looking for enhanced security for your home or property. The majority of full-width driveway gates can be scaled down to be used as pedestrian gates, matching their style, material and colour.

What Considerations Do I Need to Take for How My Driveway Gates Will Open and Close?

Here are a number of factors you need to consider when looking in more detail at how your gates will open and close –

Does your driveway slope? – If this is the case a swing gate will be harder to install as it will be quite heavy to open or close. You may need to consider automated gates or sliding gates instead.

If you have a fairly flat driveway you could consider a sliding or swinging gate. Sliding gates will need room either side of the gate opening on the inside of your home or property to slide into when they are open.

Look at the size of your driveway and where vehicles will be parked, as inward swinging gates require full swing access for opening and closing when cars are parked on the driveway.

We would not recommend outward swing gates if there is pedestrian access or a road.

What is a Wooden Sliding Gate?

Wooden sliding gates are manufactured in hardwood and softwood with a number of automated and manual options. The gate opens by sliding back into the side space of the gate opening either as a whole gate or with a middle opening with both sides sliding back into each side of the gate opening.

What is a Wooden Swing Gate?

Wooden swing gates are manufactured with hardwood or softwood with a range of automation and manual options for a swing opening. A timber swing gate opens and closes by either swinging in or out of a driveway opening as one or two gates.

Which Hinge Set is Best for Driveway Gates?

If your driveway gate is up to 10 feet wide and 24-inch hinge set is needed, whereas for gates up to 14 feet, use the 36-inch hinge set and for gates over 14 feet wide, select the 48-inch hinge set. Every hinge set is complete with Brenton bolt, ring latch, drop bolts and hinges.

What is the Best Way to Maintain My Gates?

Whether you have chosen stained or painted gates, you will need to look after them regularly to keep them looking good. We would recommend that 28 days after your gates have been installed, a recoating of stain or paint be applied. In six months look at having another recoat and then plan this in annually as a protective measure. If you spot any mould on your gates you need to wipe it off as soon as possible with detergents before the mould penetrates the gate and causes damage.

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