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Why Timber is the Best Choice for Garden Gates

When choosing a new gate for your home or garden you will get the choice of wooden or metal gates.

Both materials will give you a different look and feel, so for our latest blog, BK Timber is going to look at reasons why we feel timber looks best for gates of any home.

Find out more about Wooden Garden Gates

High-quality wooden garden gates from BK Timber, create a unique appeal that adds charm and character to any size of space. Wooden garden gates are typically constructed from hardwood or softwood and can be manufactured in a whole host of designs and sizes to meet your specific requirements.

Here are some of the benefits of choosing wood –

1. Ideally suited to traditional style properties, timber blends well with the natural surrounding of the garden and will make a beautiful overall design statement.
2. Timber provides maximum levels of privacy and security through its solid panel design.
3. Wood can be stained or painted, creating a unique and bespoke look for your property.
4. Natural grains of the timber can be worked simply, achieving a high level of finish
5. Wooden gates are generally lighter than metal gates, improving longevity as there is less strain on hinges and posts.
6. Timber garden gates can easily be repaired (if required) which is especially useful in agricultural settings where gates can be damaged by livestock, or campsites where they are used frequently by visitors.

The Drawbacks of Metal Gates

Unlike wood which adds charm and character, metal garden gates provide a starker appearance and do not offer as much privacy or security.
Metal designs typically only fit well with modern properties as their cleaner lines can mirror the home design, whereas timber gates can work well with a property of any age.

Choose Timber Gates from BK Timber

If you are considering a new look for your garden, including the surrounding areas such as gates and fencing, please get in touch with BK Timber today.

Using our Gate Builder application we can design gates completely bespoke for your property plus you will get an instant no-obligation quote from our team of specialists.


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