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Garden gates to suit your style

Not everyone will get as excited about wooden garden gates as the team here at B&K Timber will. You might, however, be more excited when you find out that your garden gates don’t have to be as boring as they currently are. Remove all thoughts on what a garden gate should look like, and introduce your own style, anything is possible when you go bespoke.

Your style

Each and every one of us has a completely unique style. While we tend to express this within our homes, with a range of different paints, wallpapers and furniture. In our back gardens, we can introduce plants, flowers and furniture that show off that same unique style. But why does it have to stop there?
Your garden gate is that entrance to that personal space, just like your front door. We see many people swapping out the old, plain uPVC front doors that became a popular stable over the last 30 years, to new, modern-looking and coloured front doors, so why not do the same with your garden gate?

Designed for you

Take your style, either the one inside your home, or that in your garden, and consider how you would like to include this into your new garden gate. Are you looking for clean straight lines, or a more rustic country gate feel? Our team will work with you to get your ideas into the perfect gate.
Bespoke gates enable you to decide whether you want your gate to stand out from the rest of the space, or to blend in completely with the surrounding fence.
When we are talking about designs, consider if you are looking to paint your gate a solid colour, or if you are looking for a wood grain that will stand out under a nice wood stain. This can impact how we build your gates.

Ideas for you

When it comes to deciding on the right gate for your space, you might be looking for ideas that you can change into your own. Why not consider some of the below when designing your new gate:

  • Traditional picket fence gate – Usually with spaces in the gate, this design is eye-catching and cute, but can offer little privacy.
  • Country gate – Typically larger and chunkier gates these offer a great level of privacy and security
  • Fairy garden gate – Commonly seen in older style homes where the gate is tucked away in a larger wall, they offer a classic secret garden feeling
  • Modern wooden gate – Similar to the country gate these are great for security and privacy, and can also offer clean straight lines.

For more information on designing your bespoke gate, please contact a member of our team today who will be happy to discuss this with you. Head over to our blogs for more ideas on how the team here at B&K Timber can help to make your space not only unique to you, but also as secure and private as you need it to be.

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