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Why Having Your Gates Fitted For You Is Worth It

There are a number of reasons as to why we choose to have new gates fitted on our home. Whether it is purely aesthetic, for security purposes or simply just to replace an old set of gates that are past their best. You will want to ensure that they are securely fit, and nice and straight.

What Can Go Wrong?

A phrase we hear often is “What can go wrong?” when our customers consider fitting their gates themselves.
There are many reasons as to why we encourage our customers to have their gates expertly fitted for them, and a couple of these answer the “what can go wrong?” question.
Loose fittings
The bespoke timber gates that we create here at B&K Timber are by no means lightweight. Build to last, our sturdy and durable gates are required to have good high-quality fixtures and fittings when they are hung. Our team of experts are well versed in hanging our gates and ensuring that the fitting used are the most appropriate for their attached structure (I.e brick wall or wooden fence). Loose fittings can lead to damage to the gates, inability to close the gates effective and potentially damage to the gates.
Uneven hanging
Similar to loose fittings, gates can also have issues if they are hung unevenly. Whether this means that one side is higher than the other, or they are hung at an angle. This too can cause closing issues and damage.
Unstable gates
One of the most common issues we find is gates that are no longer attached to the walls. This could have started with loose fittings or even uneven hanging.
If your gates are unstable, it can lead to them becoming disconnected from the wall, either just on one bracket or both. This can lead to injury, so close attention is required if anything starts to look untoward.

Having Gates Fitted Professionally

Having your gates fitted professionally not only removes the stresses of fitting it yourself but can also increase peace of mind and security.
Strong fixtures
The team of fitters we have here at B&K Timber are experts in fitting large, bespoke and heavy wooden gates and ensuring the fixtures used are appropriate. This will also include ensuring that the location of the fitting is appropriate, for example, if the fixture is to brick, the brick is stable enough to withstand the additional weight.
Perfect closures
Creating a perfectly fitting and secure set of garden gates takes our joiners time and skill. They work closely with our fitters to ensure that the gates can be expertly fitted to create the perfect closure. This will also help to create secure gates that can be locked.
Securely fixed
Thanks to a wealth of experience, our fitters can spot areas where the gates will have issues with stability, or even areas that might become unstable over time. This means that they will be fitted to the strongest point on your wall or fence, reducing the risk of disconnecting or even dropping.

For more information on having your bespoke garden and driveway gates fitted by our team of experts, please get in touch today and we will be happy to discuss this with you. Keep checking back to our latest news regularly for more great ideas on how bespoke gates can benefit you and your home.

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