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How Can We Make A Gate Unique To You

Here at BK Timber, our aim is to provide our customers with the best quality and unique gates, whether these are your driveway gates or your garden gates. How can we make your gates truly unique? Find out more here:

Unique Sizing

Having bespoke gates made for your home means that you can have your gates designed and made to fit into any space. Whether this means that you have larger gates, taller gates, gates to fit tiny gaps or even really short gates. The choice is entirely yours.
When it comes to gates, there are many reasons as to why we want them. Some are for security, some for privacy. Some stop the kids running riot, and others stop the dog from entering parts of the garden. Because there are so many reasons we have them, we could not simply say you can choose from two heights or single or double gates. Once we have your unique measurements we can turn your ideas into the perfect gate to suit your needs. Even if that gate includes a little doggy door!

Peep Hole

Peepholes, windows, design features, whichever you want to call the cutouts in your gate, we can create the right one for you.
For many people, these really are just a matter of design. Cutouts are the perfect way to add a feature to an otherwise solid gate. From shaped cutouts to square or repeated cutouts, our team can incorporate them into the design and creation of your gates.

Bespoke Top

Not all of us want to have the standard straight or arched top that we commonly see on garden or driveway gates. And if that design isn’t for you, then we aren’t going to make you choose it. We can work with you to create the kind of top that you want to see in your garden, or even make it shaped to fit into a certain space. Such as if you have a sloped gap, where your old gate would have left a gap at the top, we can always make the gate the right size and shape to fit the whole space, without that gap.
There may be some tops/styles that we advise you against, purely because they do not always look as good once they are fitted as they do with our initial design. We will, however, ensure that you are happy with the final design.

For more information about investing in bespoke gates from BK Timber, please get in touch with a member of our expert team today who will be happy to assist you. You can also head over to our measurement guide to help you get an idea of the sizes you will be looking at for your new gates.

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