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Perfect Pergolas

When it comes to our gardens, we often say that it’s the smaller things that tie your garden together. While it might be the case for some gardens, it can also be the larger features that add that final finishing touch to your garden. So what can make a big impact, without being an overpowering presence in your garden? A Pergola of course.

What is a pergola?

We see pergolas in a range of different locations, each framing something different, so we may not have realised that it is a pergola that you are looking at.
A pergola is a wooden structure that is usually built with larger chunky legs, which support slats of wood to create an open style roof. The typical pergola roof is either straight slats in one direction, or a lattice shape.
Some people will fill the roof on this frame in to give a solid roof, sometimes with wood, sometimes with other materials. This often is then called a gazebo.

Where can you put a pergola?

The simple answer to where you can put a pergola in your garden is “anywhere you like”. While pergolas are often seen to frame a patio, they can be used to frame any features in our garden, from the standard patio, to the stunning decking, colourful flower beds and even a trickling water feature. Pergolas can even make a stunning stand-alone feature in the centre of your perfectly groomed lawn. It entirely falls down to where in your garden you want to draw the eye to.

Is there a purpose to a pergola?

If you are looking for an answer such as they are windbreakers, or that they will keep the ground below dry, you might be mistaken. Pergolas offer no increased protection to anything below. They simply act as a stunning frame to decorate your favourite features in your garden.
The right pergola can draw not only your eye, but also the eye of your guests to the features in your garden that you love.

Pergolas don’t need to conform to the standard shapes and styles that we commonly see available in garden centres. The wonderful thing about having a bespoke pergola is that they can be designed and created to any shape you desire. From fitting perfectly around a hexagonal decking, to a triangle tucking neatly into the corner of your patio. You can even decide that you want the lattice on top to look more like diamonds than your standard square.

Just some ideas for after we fit your pergola, why not consider wrapping some solar-powered lights around the frame to give your garden that extra twinkle when the sun starts to set. This can make a beautiful frame around your seating area and brings an extra purpose to your pergola.
For a touch of flair, why not look at some Ivy wrapped around the legs, to increase that natural feel without losing the effect of the pergola.

For more information on having a bespoke pergola built for your home get in contact with a member of our expert team today who will be happy to assist you today. You can also head over to our blogs for other ideas on how we can make your garden unique to you.

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