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Protecting Your Fencing from Winter Weather Damage

Protecting Your Fencing from Damage this Winter

Winter weather such as strong winds and heavy rain can cause havoc with wooden fencing and lead to extensive and potentially expensive damage. As bespoke joinery specialists, BK Timber understand how important it is to protect your fencing.

For our latest post, we are going to share some tips for protecting your fence during the winter months.

Four Ways to Keep Your Fence Looking Great

1. Fix any Existing Damage – Check your fence before a predicted storm takes hold and secure any wobbly fence posts by replacing or reinforcing individual posts and have any broken or damaged panels replaced. Ensure you also check your fence once the storm is over and inspect if any repairs are needed.

2. Keep the Base of Fence Dry – It is crucial to keep fencing out of contact with the moist ground as water collecting at the base can quickly lead to rot. Remove debris around the bottom of the fence and make sure you have sufficient drainage in case of heavy rain. Installing concrete or pressure-treated gravel boards will protect against moisture and rot.

3. Prune Overhanging Plants – Cut the branches of overhanging plants which could fall during high winds or heavy snow as they could also damage your fence.

4. Preserve Your Wood – Using preservative will help to prevent decay, mould and fungi. Choosing the best preservative will depend on the type of wood your fence is made from plus whether it has been pressure-treated or not.

Pressure-treated wood will already be protected against damp, mould and insect and will require a seperate treatment to freshly sawn timber. If you have had pressure-treated fences for over 12 months, you will be able to treat it with a preservative as long as it is designed specifically for that type of pressure-treated wood.

Get in Touch for More Information

If you have any questions about protecting your fencing during winter, please do not hesitate to contact BK Timber today.

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