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Protect Your Drive With Driveway Gates

While our driveway makes for a good place to store your cars off the road, and can even be a grand entrance to your home, it is still subject to trespassers. Driveway gates can help you to ensure unwanted visitors stay off your property and can help you to protect your driveway.

Personal Driveway

Many of us have a driveway directly in front of our homes, others to the side and maybe even some to the rear. No matter where your drive is, it is still your property, meaning that unless invited, people should be avoiding entering your driveway.
From school kids walking past, dogs leaving a scent and the odd nosey parker, we have all had our share of unwanted guests on our driveway. The best way to discourage people from your property is to invest in bespoke driveway gates.

Increased Security

While driveway gates will discourage most people from entering your property, they will not stop everyone. If you are looking for increased security you can have bespoke driveway gates designed to be locked as required. Ensuring that your property is kept as safe as possible.
Depending upon the exterior of your home and its location, you can have 6foot gates at the entrance to your driveway, increasing not only your security but also your privacy. On the whole, these taller gates are more likely to discourage trespassing, they also decrease the risk of someone jumping over them if they are locked.

Bespoke Gates

Here at B&K Timber, all of our gates are made to measure and can be entirely bespoke. The benefit to this is that you can have them designed for the perfect security or privacy that you would like for your home. From open slatted gates, offering a full view of your driveway from any height, to taller, thicker and more secure gates designed for maximum privacy and security.
No matter how secure you want your gates, we can work on a design to ensure that the appearance of your gate is not compromised for security.

For more information on bespoke driveway gates from B&K Timber please contact a member of our friendly team today who will be happy to address your query. You can also check back to our blogs page for more ideas and information on our services.

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