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Purpose made joinery for your home

Here at B&K Timber we are well known for our bespoke garden and driveway gates. But we also offer a range of other bespoke services, including purpose made joinery for your home. From bespoke wooden window frames to wooden doors, keeping your home not only secure but also warm.

Bespoke Windows

Our windows are one of the first things we notice as we pull up outside our home, so why not turn them into a focal feature to be proud of.
Many houses are still sporting the plain white uPVC window frames, and while there are many other options available thanks to the advancement in modern technology, such as composite frames, we still strongly believe that nothing beat a good quality bespoke wooden frame.
Each of our frames is hand made to the exact specifications of our customers, this includes the exact dimensions, no one-size “altered to fit”, and the design requirements to suit your personal style. Made using the highest quality products we can design your windows to look like exact replicas of the original frames your home was built with, a great option if you are living in a period or character property.

Bespoke Doors

The front door of our home is the entrance to our own space, where our personal style and designs come to life. So why not start that personal style a step early with a bespoke wooden front door from B&K Timber.
The wonderful aspect of bespoke joinery means that we can work with you to not only design but to create the perfect front door for you and your home. You won’t find the same one anywhere else. As with our windows, we can also create your doors to suit the style and period of your home, even if your home includes a large barn style door.

For more information on bespoke joinery from B&K Timber contact a member of our expert team today who will be happy to assist you. For more ideas on the products or services that we offer you can head over to our other services page or our gallery.

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