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The Quality of Georgian Hardwood Windows

BK Timber recently worked on the installation of Georgian hardwood windows in a newly renovated Georgian property. But what are the qualities and characteristics of this type of timber window?

What are the Design Characteristics of Georgian Windows?

Classic Proportions – Georgian windows will typically adhere to classical proportions of 1:1:6, meaning the height of the window 1.6 times its width.

Large Sizes – Larger Georgian windows are used to maximise light plus they minimise the window tax in the UK at the same time. The height can vary between floors, often getting smaller nearer to the roof.

Glazing Bar Pattern – Georgian windows will feature 6 over 6 glazing bar designs with single glass panes in each section. This is not a fixed rule, with some windows featuring 15 or even 18 panels at one time. Today a single sheet of glass will be used with simulated glazing bars to increase energy efficiency and give the illusion of multiple panes.

Slim Profile – Maintaining a slim profile is crucial for maintaining balance and symmetry throughout the facade. Symmetry is after all a defining characteristic of Georgian homes.

Are Georgian Windows Energy-Efficient?

Installing windows that provide comfort and also save energy is important. Poorly installed or substandard windows will let in cold air and moisture, which greatly reduces its energy efficiency.

Although uPVC windows appear to be very popular at the moment, timber windows are just as effective. They also make your home look more attractive, adding character to a new build or traditional property.

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BK Timber specialises in timber garden and driveway gates but our skilled team of joiners can craft high-quality Georgian hardwood windows for your home.

If you are looking for some bespoke joinery to enhance your property, please do not hesitate to contact us today. You can also browse some of our previous work in our Gallery.

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