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Commonly Asked Questions about Wooden Garage Doors Answered

If you are considering investing in wooden garage doors for the first time you may have a number of questions you need answering.

Luckily, as the leading provider of bespoke wooden garage doors, BK Timber is here to help.

Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions about timber garage doors.

4 Essential Questions about Wooden Garage Doors

My Garage Does Not Have a Standard Sized Opening, Can You Make Something To Fit?

Yes, BK Timber can provide made to measure wooden doors to fit with any size restrictions.

Are the Garage Doors Rebated in the Centre When the Two Doors Meet?

All garage doors we provide (unless you request otherwise), have a standard rebated meeting stile, meaning the doors overlap when closed.

Can You Supply a Frame for Garage Doors?

Yes, BK Timber supply garage door frames with the doors ready for assembly. Simply ask for more information about frames when you order your timber garage doors.

Can I Hang My Garage Doors Using Butt Hinges?

BK Timber does not recommend using butt hinges to hang your garage doors because of the greater weight of these, compared to, for example, front doors. Also, main garage doors open out and if hung with butt hinges and the wind caught the doors then it will more than likely rip the door off the frame. We would suggest using band and gudgeon hinges to hang your doors.

I have a specific design in mind for my garage doors, can you manufacture them for me?

If you can provide a sketch or picture of the design you would like, then we are happy to take a look at it for you. Alternatively, give us a call on 01782 813568.

Need More Information? Contact Us Now

If you have any more specific questions about wooden garage doors, please contact us today and one of our specialists will be delighted to help.

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