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How Do I Know If I Need to Repair or Replace My Windows?

If your window problem is minor then it could be easily repaired, but remember it always best to have your window repaired by an expert who can determine whether it can be fixed or a replacement will be required.

BK Timber, are a family-run business who have over 35 years of experience, providing the finest timber windows to our customers.

Here we are going to focus on five ways you can identify whether you need new or replacement windows for your property.

Five Ways to Know You Need New or Replacement Windows

  • Windows Don’t Open or Close Easily – In this instance, your window frames could have warped, started to rot or could be the wrong size.
  • Windows are Drafty – This can occur when a window does not shut properly, the locking system no longer works or your windows are single glazed. Double glazed windows are significantly more energy-efficient than single glazed windows. This means you could end up saving a lot of money on your heating bills by upgrading to double-glazed.
  • Outside Noise Can Be Heard Inside When Windows are Shut – This is typically a sign that your windows are very old and will need replacing.
  • Windows are Leaking – Windows leaking means that the seals around the glass have gone. Having your existing windows replaced with new double-glazed windows is the most cost-effective option.
  • Your Windows are over 15 Years Old – BK Timber always recommend talking to an expert to find out if your old windows are in still in good enough condition or if you need double-glazed replacement windows.

Talk to the Timber Windows Experts

If you are considering upgrading the windows in your property, get in touch with BK Timber.

We work with customers right across Staffordshire and Cheshire to add value and a touch of class to their homes.

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