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Sheds of all sizes

Whether you live in the city, or you have an acre of garden out in the country, a shed is always an important part of any garden. Finding the right size shed for your space can sometimes be a bit of a minefield, especially if you want it to fit that awkward unused space tucked up the corner of the garden.

Any size any shape

Not all gardens are the same size and shape so why should our sheds be? We often find that the larger our garden, the more things that we store in our sheds. From your average run of the mill 6×4 shed, to a tiny 2×2 angled shed, built to fit in a tiny nook in the corner of the garden. Or even a grand shed that takes up a vast space in the garden, complete with two rooms, one for tools, one to turn into a den.
By investing in a bespoke shed you can have it designed to fit a specific space in your garden, so even if you have an unusually shaped space that you wish to use, we can design it to fit.

Sheds for all uses

Not all of our customers are looking to use their shed to store tools and gardening equipment. Sheds have many uses for some people, whether it be turned into a den as an escape from the hustle and bustle of the main house, a bar, where you can enjoy a drink at home, without being in the house, a playhouse for while your little ones are young (it makes it easier to repurpose when they are bored of it!) or even a motorcycle workshop. Each of these uses can benefit from adaptations, so make the most of the design process to include what you need, perhaps an extra window or two, a bar in the corner, or even a ramp to make getting bikes in and out easier. Our team will be happy to tweak the standard shed, to your perfect space.

For more information on having a bespoke shed built to suit your needs please contact a member of our expert team who will be happy to assist you. If you are looking for garden gates to match your new shed, head over to our dedicated gates page.
Please note that due to demand we are currently running with at least an 8-week lead time on our Summer houses and Sheds. Contact us for more information.

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