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The B&K Timber Service Process

Here at B&K, we take great price in the service process that we follow for bespoke garden and driveway gates. Guiding our customer’s step by step we ensure that you are updated throughout the process.


The first part of the process for any potential customer is to have a browse throughout our website. This can help you to get an idea of what services we have to offer, the gallery allows you to view examples, and you can find a number of testimonials from previous customers.
After checking out our work, you can then get in touch with our team, either by giving us a call or filling out our contact form for a member of the team to contact you.

Initial Consultation

Once your initial contact has been made, we can arrange a time and day to suit you where we can run through an initial consultation for your new gates or even your bespoke project. Here we can do through the entire general idea of what you are looking for.


Before we get underway in creating a bespoke design, we need to ensure that we have all the appropriate measurements. For driveway and garden gates please head over to our measurement guide for in-depth instructions.
If you are looking for another type of bespoke project, our team can discuss the measurements that we will require. In some cases, this may mean us coming to visit and taking our own measurements.


Once we have had our initial consultation and have the measurements we need, we can look at getting a design together from all of your specifications. Whether this is a simple gate, a summer house or even a bespoke shed.
Once our team has a completed design, we can ensure that this is exactly what you as the customer is looking for. Any adjustments and amendments are easy to make at this stage.


When you are happy with your design, manufacturing can get underway. Our team of joiners will work together to ensure that your final product is exactly as designed and the perfect dimensions to fit your space.


The easiest time for us to treat your new gates is once they have been manufactured, but before they are fitted/hung. This will allow the wood treatment to dry and set, leaving it water-resistant before it leaves our workshop. Not all of our customers will require wood treatment as they may be planning on applying a paint or stain once we have fitted your new project.


While a number of customers would be happy to hang their own new gates, we highly encourage our customers to let us do the initial installation. This means that we can check all aspect of your new gates (or other projects) fit perfectly and you can open and close as expected. We can also ensure that everything is securely in place, allowing you to have gates that will stay in position for as long as possible.


Not all of our customers will be present for the fitting of their new gates, many will go inside or into the garden to await the grand reveal of their new gates. This final step allows us to show you as the customer, the final, fitted, project from your designs. If any adjustments need to be made we can discuss this at the time, or after the event, to ensure that you are 100% satisfied.

For more information on our service process, or to discuss a bespoke timber project, please get in touch with a member of the team here at B&K Timber, who will be happy to assist you. You can also check back to our blogs regularly for more ideas and information.

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