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Things to consider when buying garden gates

When it comes to investing in new garden gates, you don’t just want to go out and buy the first that you find. There are a number of things to consider beforehand, which can help you have the right gate for your needs, the first time around.

Ask yourself some questions

Before you set out on a mission to find yourself a new garden gate, ask yourself these questions. This will help you to make sure that your new gate fits the bill and meets all of your needs.

  • Do I need a gate that offers security? If you are looking to secure your garden, perhaps to protect your family, or just your belongings, then you will need a sturdy gate that has the fixings to be locked uptight.
  • Do I need a gate for privacy? Our gardens are our own little bit of the outside world. So when we are looking for privacy, we can’t just rely on our fence, we need our gates too.
  • Do I want a gate to block out sound? No gate will be able to block sound completely, however, if you live on a main road, reducing the road traffic noise can be important to you.
  • Do I want my gate to match my fence? Our fences decorate the perimeter of our gardens, and we love when the fence completely matches, so why wouldn’t we want our gate to match too?


If security is key when you are looking for a new gate, you will be looking to invest in a high-quality build, that can be fitted in a way that offers increased ability to add security measures. This means that if you were to buy a gate “off the shelf”, firstly it may not be a great fit, particularly if your space isn’t “square”, and secondly, you will need to either attach the gate to existing structures, or attach yourself a new frame for the gate to sit in, this can potentially cause issues with the durability of the gate, reducing its level of security. Having a bespoke gate means that you can have all the security features built into your design, offering a higher level of protection.


Whilst we love a small picket fence with a tiny gate added in for ease of access, they aren’t ideal if you are looking for privacy. Neither are gates that have notches and holes where there has been a knot in the wood used. The wonderful aspect of bespoke gates is that we can create your gates to perfectly fit into any space. This allows for increased privacy as gaps can be concealed and the gate can be as high as you need it to be.

Noise Control

In the great outdoors that is our garden, there is very little we can do to reduce the levels of noise that we experience. However, if you live on a high traffic road, even slightly reducing the noise that you experience can have a big impact on how much you can enjoy your garden. Investing in thick, high-quality garden gates can make all the difference in reducing that noise. The gates will absorb much of the ground level noise, helping you to relax easier in your space.

Matching Fences

While some styles and designs incorporate the mismatch of different patterns, designs and structures, this isn’t for everyone, and some of us love to look around our garden to see a complete matching fence, this includes our gate. We understand that not everyone will have come to us for their fence, but by having a bespoke gate designed and created, we can match this to your existing fence. If you are considering a new fence, we offer some great deals on bespoke fencing, so get in touch with our team to discuss this.

Don’t let the word bespoke get you thinking that our gates will cost you the earth. Here at B&K Timber our team will work with you to get the right bespoke gates for your needs that will sit perfectly within your budget. Contact us today to find out more, or head over to our blog for more ideas.

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