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Treatment for your fence

With a variety of treatments on the market that help protect your fence, you might be getting a bit of a headache trying to find the best one for you and to suit your fence.

Consider The Style

When we say the style of treatment, this is because firstly it can come in a choice of application method, secondly the level or style of protection that the product provides.
To start with the choice of application, we look at brush on vs spray on. Brush on protection is the most commonly used and widely available. This method, whilst tried and trusted for many years, can become time-consuming and can be a daunting task to those who aren’t the fittest. With spray-on treatments, they can be more time effective, and are easy to use for those who find hours of painting difficult. A great benefit is the coverage it can offer, however, it might leave you with thinner layers, thus needing an extra coat. If you do opt for a spray-on treatment, please take care of the surrounding areas, including foliage and wildlife.
The type of protection includes stains, paints and preserves. Preserves offer the wood protection against mould, algae, wood-boring insects and rot. Many stains and paints will also offer this protection, alongside usually adding a small amount of water resistance. Please check the brand specifics when you are making your purchase.
Stains offer a coloured, but transparent effect to your fence. Allowing you to appreciate the grains of the wood, in a slightly altered colour. Paints, however, will offer you a block colour to your fence and the only grain visible will be due to the raises and dips in the grain.

Check Out Reviews

If you are ever unsure of a particular fence or wood treatment, the best thing you can do is to read the reviews. Just like you would before coming to us for a new fence, do the same for your treatments or paints.
Alongside finding the honest opinions of its users, you can also find out more about the product. It might be that some reviews will recommend that you apply more (or less) coats than the product recommends, which can save you a trip back to the store! Some reviewers might not leave a review straight away, these reviews are great, as you can find out how the product fairs over time. And those that keep coming back time and time again are important, as they show that these are loyal customers and the product must be worth it.

Our team of experts have been in the trade for many years, so if you have any questions regarding the best products that they can recommend, speak with them when they install your new fence. Alternatively, you can contact our team today who will be happy to assist you.

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