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What Do Your Gates Say About You?

Gates are the entrance to your driveway, your garden, and ultimately your home. So they can say a lot about you, while not really saying anything at all. Whether your current gates are shabby chic or perfectly maintained, what do yours say about you?

First Impressions

Upon the approach to your home, one of the first features your visitors will encounter is your gates. Whether they enter through large driveway gates or a little gate at the end of the garden path. This means that this is their first impression of your home.
On the whole, we like first impressions to go well, so if your garden gate is hanging on by one hinge, and needs a good shove to open enough to get through, you might not be giving your guest the right impression, before they even enter your home.

Waving Goodbye

Your gates not only give the first impression, but they also offer the parting impression. On the outside, you could have lovely painted gates, that appear to be in great condition. But when you turn to leave, they may not be fully attached to the hinges, of could start to show the damage that’s otherwise hidden.

Bespoke Gates

The only way you will get the perfect gates to show off your own personal style, while perfectly fitting your home and space, is to invest in bespoke gates.
That little gate at the end of your garden can be however you envision it to be. From a quaint little gate that matches your picket fence to a more robust, mortise and tenor gate. We can even incorporate shapes into your gate (or even a doggy window for your smaller 4 legged friends to be able to see out).
We all have different needs for our driveway gates. Some are simply to deter people from walking onto the property, others to increase security for your home or vehicles, and others to just look attractive. Whatever your needs are, bespoke gates from B&K Timber can help to ensure that these are met, and in the best possible format for your space, including bi-folding gates when you have limited room for them to open.

For more information on bespoke timber gates from B&K Timber, please contact our knowledgeable team today who will be happy to discuss your needs and requirements. You can also check back regularly to our blogs for a range of information across our services.

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