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What is Ironmongery?

Traditional metalwork has become popular for BK Timber customers looking to add an element of ironmongery to their projects. While it was previously referred to as the manufacture of iron goods, this term has now expanded to include metals such as –

  • Steel
  • Aluminium
  • Brass

Where Can I Use Ironmongery?

With new techniques being developed all the time, the potential for ironmongers will only increase in the years to come. Here is a breakdown of the sort of items ironmongery includes –

Door Handles – Ironmongery is perfect for the creation of reliable and secure door handles for both domestic and industrial properties. Our ironmongers will be able to produce a range of door accessories which include hinges, locks, handles and door knockers.

Kitchen Use – Ironmongers are not just limited to just iron and doors, they can create other utensils like saucepans and roasting tins.

Security – The bespoke qualities of ironmongery make it popular for both interior design and build. It is strong, sturdy and reliable meaning its a great material to use for iron door chains and enhance your security.

Letter Plates – Ironmongery incorporates a number of materials and products, which makes it a great choice for letter plates. Simple, yet stylish, iron letter plates are a fantastic way to style your properties door furniture.

We hope this provides a better understanding of the unique techniques used in ironmongery.

Here at BK Timber, we recommend considering ironmongery early on in the planning stage of a build or renovation process so you can put sufficient budget aside. Don’t forget that it serves a dual purpose with functionality while still fitting your property’s interior design style.

Get in Touch With Any Questions

If you have any specific questions relating to ironmongery from BK Timber, please contact us today.

As the leading provider of driveway and garden gates across Staffordshire and Cheshire, we are often asked to include ironmongery into our no-obligation quotes.

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