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What Is Purpose Made Joinery By BK Timber?

Here at BK Timber, we are well known locally for our high-quality attention-grabbing gates. You have either seen our work nearby or heard our jingle on local radio stations. Aside from gates we also offer a range of purpose made joinery.

What Is Considered Purpose Made Joinery?

Purpose made joinery generally includes any bespoke projects that have been built to suit a specific purpose. In most cases, purpose made joinery is bespoke to ensure that it perfectly meets the criteria for which it is required. Examples of purpose made joinery includes window frames, doors and garage doors.

Window Frames

Changing your window frames can give your house a whole new look. Bespoke window frames allow you to have one of a kind windows installed in your home. They can be made to suit your own style or just the style of your home.
Of course, they do not have to make your building look different. Many older buildings are sporting unique windows that you would want to replicate should they need to change. Here at BK Timber, we can create your new frames to perfectly match your existing frames no matter how unique they may be.

Garage Doors

Our garages are used for many different purposes, for some, they are still used to house cars, motorcycles and other vehicles, for others they are essentially a brick shed, you may have turned yours into a home gym, or its a den for your teens. Each use may require different doors. Here at BK Timber we purpose make garage doors to fulfil your needs. Whether you have a split opening door, with enough space for a car, or one large fixed door and a smaller entrance just for pedestrians. Made to measure and fitted to suit.

Summer Houses

Summer houses have increased in popularity over recent years. Each of these is built with the purpose of utilising the space in your garden and creating a nice relaxing space that you can use. There are many summerhouses readily available, however, ready to go summer houses are seldom the right fit and style for your home and garden. A purpose-built summer house can be designed o suit you and the shape of your garden. Get in touch with the team to find out more.

For more information on purpose made joinery from BK Timber, please get in touch with one of our friendly team who will be happy to assist you. You can also head over to our gallery for a range of projects for our customers.

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