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When Is It Time To Replace My Gates?

When it comes to wooden garden gates, we all know that they will eventually become past their best and need replacing. So when is it time to consider replacing your garden gates, why not look into investing in bespoke garden gates?

Old And Tired

There are a number of signs that are sure to tell you that it’s time to change out your gates.

Warped Wood
Over time, the wood in your gates will start to alter in shape. Even with regular wood treatments, unfortunately, this is the downside to outdoor gates. Mother nature can start to not only alter the appearance, but can make the wood swell and expand when it’s damp, and then crack and dry out if the sun starts to beat down on the gate. This can start to cause issues with either opening and closing the gates, and can impact the level of security that they offer.

Colour Drain
All wood has its own unique colour and grain (the reason we love wood), and over time this can start to fade and alter. While the colour will change with regular wood treatments, if these are somewhat neglected, the wood can start to look a different colour and tired. The grain may also start to be less noticeable.

Tired Hinges
It’s not only the wood on our gates that start to show signs of aging, your ironwork can also age. Your hinges can become stiff or disconnected, making opening, closing and locking your gates difficult. If your current ironwork has not been effectively coated, it can also start to rust and corrode, leaving unsightly marks on your gate after rain.

Design And Functionality

Your current gates might not be past their best, however, you might be changing the look of your home and garden. This means that it’s time to invest in the perfect bespoke gates for you.
When it comes to our homes, we can let our own style and personality show, and that includes your gates. Deciding on the gate that’s right for you can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare, and other times, our customers know exactly what they are looking for, they just need us to get the ideas into reality. Check out our blog on Garden Gates To Suit Your Style for some great ideas to give you inspiration.

The Benefits

There are a number of benefits to replacing your gates with brand new, bespoke wooden gates. Here are just a few:
Made to measure – Not all gates fit our homes perfectly, and that might be the case with your existing gates.
High quality – here at B&K Timber, we only provide our customers with the highest quality gates, ensuring that they have a longer lifespan
Increased security – security on our homes and gardens is paramount, and a bespoke gate can ensure increased security as they enable you to add locks where they are best suited, and because they are made to measure, it limits gaps that you can see through.

For more information on bespoke garden gates from B&K please contact a member of our expert team today who will be more than happy to assist you. You can also check out our previous blogs for more great ideas of what our expert team has to offer.

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