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Why should bespoke gates cost the earth?

We often have customers tell us that they have avoided looking into bespoke gates and fences due to the high costs. But why should bespoke gates cost the earth?

High Quality

We are taught to believe that you get what you pay for, meaning that if you skimp on something, its lifespan will be significantly reduced, or it won’t offer the same level of protection. However, here at B&K Timber we strongly disagree with this belief when it comes to our bespoke joinery.
Each and every project we undertake, we ensure that only the highest quality of materials have been used, along with expert joinery and precision fitting allowing us to guarantee the highest quality. Without the highest costs.

Bespoke Designs

When we use the word bespoke people often believe that this means they are paying through the roof for a designer to create the initial design brief, at sky-high rates, per minute spent on the design. This is not always the case. While yes each project is designed specifically for you, to suit your style and your specifications, our designs are all done in house and included in the cost of your project. Meaning no big surprises for you.

Complete Security

Often we look at the security in and around our home, and consider how we can improve it. Usually, this thought leaves us with some expensive ideas, and more concerns than we started with. However, investing that thought and money into bespoke security gates around your home can help to ease that concern, and certainly, help you to keep the costs down.

B&K Timber

Here at B&K Timber we aim to ensure that we are supplying our customers with the very best products of the highest quality, designed to suit them, and offering them the best security, all whilst aiming to keep their costs as low as we can. We understand why many people would see bespoke products as being expensive, however, we urge you to consider the lifespan of the product you are receiving. While you may be paying slightly more than a similar product from a production line, you are receiving a product fit specifically to your space and designed to last for a significant period of time.

For more information on any of our bespoke joinery projects, including garden gates, garage doors and garden fences, please contact a member of our expert team today, who will be happy to assist you.

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