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Treatment Guide for Wooden Driveway Gates

High-quality wooden gates from BK Timber are an investment and looking after them correctly means they will continue to look fantastic for years to come.

You do not need to spend much time looking after your gates and maintaining them annually and will help them survive cold winters, hot summers and prevent unwanted deterioration.

Remember, different gates require different treatments which is why we have put together this guide for redwood softwood, hardwood and pressure heated softwood gates.

Redwood Softwood

Redwood Softwood gates are made using kiln-dried timber and it is important to treat your gates with a water-repellent, breathable wood preservative before hanging them which prevents moisture ingress which could lead to swelling and warping.

BK Timber would suggest using a spirit-based oil or stain which is absorbed into the wood and prevents rot as it repels water and moisture.

Different solvent-based treatments offer different guidelines for how regularly you will need to re-treat the wood. We would, however, recommend applying a fresh coat of spirit-based treatment every six months and should be applied during the changing seasons such as just before the summer and prior to winter so that it protects against extreme changes in temperature.

Water-bases treatments cannot be used on gates as they can reabsorb water and begin to crack or allow rot to set in. Once rot sets in, this makes wood increasingly susceptible to absorption of water and your gates will deteriorate quickly.


Driveway gates constructed using hardwood timbers are much easier to maintain as you do not need to work to preserve the timber itself. The nature of hardwood means it is completely different from working with softwoods.

To maintain the colour of hardwood we recommend staining or oiling the gate with a suitable product. Our team of specialists can provide advice on the best products to use for hardwood gates.

Pressure-Treated Softwood

If you have decided on pressure-treated softwood gates, they will need to be pre-treated to prevent rot. Wood is placed inside a closed cylinder, then pressure and vacuum are applied to force preservatives into the wood.

No further action needs to be taken to treat your gate unless you wish to stain it for cosmetic purposes.

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