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How to Measure for Wooden Garage Doors

To provide an accurate quote for wooden garage doors, we will need to know the sizes required.

At this early stage of the project, a rough estimation of the sizes is fine, we would typically ask for within 25mm or an inch in height and width.

Once you have received your free no-obligation quote we will then to take the precise measurements.

Ideally, your garage door opening would be perfectly square, but this surprisingly is not always the case. To be on the safe side, measuring the opening in width at the top of the garage opening, middle and bottom will give us all the information we need.

If you are unsure about measuring up then please give us a call on 01782 813568 and we will be happy to advise.

Do You Need a Garage Door Frame?

If you do not have a garage door frame in place or you are replacing your door frame we will then need the tight brickwork opening measurements.

If you are going to re-use your existing frame then we will also need the tight measurements in width, this time from within your frame where the garage doors would sit when they are installed.

For the height, we need the measurement from the floor again to where your garage doors would sit once they have been fitted.

Talk to the Bespoke Joinery Specialists

If you are looking to upgrade your garage doors, speak to BK Timber about creating something truly unique and eye-catching.

Our team of highly skilled joiners have years of rich experience delivering the finest bespoke products for our customers across Staffordshire and Cheshire.

BK Timber is an extremely environmentally conscious company, with all our materials PEFC and FSC certified timber, helping us to support safeguarding the world’s forest by using sustainable material.

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