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Why Wooden Gates Are A Good Choice For Your Driveway

There is a vast choice of driveway gates on the market in 2021. So, why are bespoke timber gates the perfect choice for your driveway? What makes them stand out from the crowd, and what great benefits do they have?

Made To Measure

Bespoke timber driveway gates are a great choice if your driveway entrance is an unusual size or shape. Made to measure gates allow you to fill the entire entrance with your new gates, without the risk of awkward gaps, or having to bulk out the sides to meet the gates.

Highly Durable

For many people with driveway gates, they are opened and closed at least twice a day, and in many cases significantly more than this. Meaning you will be looking to invest in a set of gates that are highly durable and built to last. The timber we use here at B&K Timber is Scandinavian redwood timber, which has an excellent history of being durable and stable, especially when treated appropriately.

Styled To Suit

Purchasing your driveway gates “off the shelf” means that you are subjected to choosing from a selection available in the right size (or as close of a size as you can find). You wouldn’t want to do this with the interior of your home, so why would you do this to the exterior?
Having bespoke timber gates allows you to add the design features you like, allowing you to show off your own personal style. You won’t find your exact gates anywhere else, allowing you to stand out from the crowd.


With more and more focus being put on recycling and landfill waste there is an increased number of people who are investing in eco-friendly goods around their home. This includes your driveway (or garden) gates.
Here at B&K Timber, we ensure that we source our wood from PEFC and FSC certified sources, ensuring that all of our wood is both ethically and sustainably sourced.
Alongside playing our part in combatting deforestation, our use of wood also means that it can be easily and widely recycled, once your gate has lived its life. This means that there will be no waste that ends up at the landfill, even during the building process.

While we specialise in gates, we also offer a variety of other services, please check them out on our services page.
For more information on bespoke timber driveway gates from B&K Timber please contact a member of our friendly team today who will be happy to assist you.


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